Shed Alkemic Retreats ~ Cornwall

If you feel called for deep healing and self-discovery, or feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and the demands of life are greater than your energy can cope with, then our retreats might resonate with you.


Our Retreat packages provide an alchemy of holistic treatments, shamanic & Daoist practices, and immersion experiences to support you from transition to transformation.


Your experience will include receiving treatments from practitioner’s whose lives are orientated towards helping others, are health informed, and who embrace their healing craft with purpose and dedication.


Alkemic Retreats 


For healing, transformation and awakened consciousness

The Alkemic Body

A Resting and Restorative Package


Nourish and Energise the Body

The Alkemic Mind

A Calming and Awakening Package


Nurture and Still the Mind

The Alkemic Child

The Alkemic Potency of the Feminine


A Biodynamic approach to Fertility

The Alkemic Body

Focusing on hormonal balancing, supporting digestion, metabolic health and calibrating the biodynamic systems of the body.
On this retreat you will receive:

  • Bio dynamic herbalism for restoring the body with herbs for health, Ayurvedic mapping for your body type and connecting with nature through foraging and plant immersion.


  • Learn how to manage your energy levels through breath-meditation known as ‘Recapitulation’, a Toltec-shamanic technique for releasing old patterns and personal history. This in turn energises the body and allows us to have a clear and definitive perception on reality and engages our ‘Will’ so we can intend a more purposeful and desired life.


  • Rebalance your all-encompassing being with biodynamic craniosacral therapy, a healing modality which intrinsically works with the inner wisdom of the body, its biofield and its energetic blueprint.


  • Replenish your energy systems with Daoist healing techniques, acupuncture, life path orientation with the I-Ching spiritual system and Ba Zi astrology.


  • Reflexology for revitalising your bodily systems, promoting wellbeing and bringing the body into a balanced state of harmony and wholeness while feeling firmly grounded and present.


  • An initiation and receiving of; The Munay-Ki Rites for healing, protecting and transforming our energy systems through energetic transmissions.


  • Field Trips to sacred sites to connect with the energy of the land, Integrating and aligning with the Cornish energy sites and the power of the ocean through meditation, gazing and walks of attention.


  • Time to reflect and integrate your awakened attention when re-entering everyday awareness.

The Alkemic Mind

Focusing on supporting and strengthening the nervous system, adrenal function, mental exhaustion and fatigue with and aim to restore balance, vitality & mental clarity. On this retreat you will receive:
  • Herbal consultation & Herbal remedies for calming the mind, restoring sleep and dream consciousness.

  • Acupuncture for over exhaustion, boosting Chi and energy, Ba Zi reading for life path orientation and the I-ching.

  • Calming the nervous system & adrenal function with Bio dynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Energy realignment


  • Quantum Hypnotherapy for releasing the past and aligning with the quantum future self.

  • Acts of non-doing to increase energy levels and vitality.

  • Walks of attention or mindful walking to empty the mind, focus attention and induce heightened awareness.

  • Awakening our dreaming ability for problem solving, to become present in the moment and connecting with the dream of life.

The Alkemic Child

Having a baby is probably one of the most important and fulfilling times in a woman’s life. Falling pregnant for some woman can be easy, whilst other women can find this difficult, challenging and at times traumatic.
By working with your monthly cycle, emotional blocks, the bodies bio-rhythms and our individual energetic blueprints, we will provide a creative, fertile and receptive environment for pregnancy, motherhood and your creative essence.
  • Working with the tidal fluids and the breath of life of the craniosacral system, pre and perinatal physiology, cell memory and the bodies biofield with biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

  • Preparing the body with herbal remedies and preparations before, during and after pregnancy, including a herbal consultation

  • Hormonal balancing and cultivating a fertile environment with reflexology

  • Moon-time and well woman massage for fertility, womb health, charting your cycles in sync with the lunar calendar and connecting with your inner Hara.

  • Recapitulation, a breath meditation for releasing and restoring the physical and energetic body.

  • Acupuncture to prime the body for pregnancy, and to strengthen the energetic systems to support each trimester, birth and post birth.

  • Cacao Ceremony to deepen the connection with the divine feminine, its potent medicine and to journey within and without the cacao cosmology through shamanic practice.


Your Retreat

Your Hosts

We are a friendly, open and diverse family who came to Cornwall to live the dream, in fact Gwithian is called the ‘Dreaming Village’ and being here gives you a sense of a dreamlike state and a sense of home coming.


Our guests have even said they never really want to leave which is a testament to Gwithian and its transformative energy.

Our philosophy here is, ‘Our home is your Home’, and during your stay you will have the option to become part of our co-family so to speak.


However, some of our clients prefer to utilise their stay in a more solitary way by simply being supported by the space and energy of the collective whole, through our treatments, plant medicine, knowledge, and the immersion of the land and its elements...We welcome you………

Your Accomodation

Our aim is to support you throughout your stay by providing you with a simple but nurturing environment, so you can relax and recharge your whole state of being while supported by the hosts and practitioners.


Your retreat includes;

Private accommodation for one single person or couples which is adjacent to the house. 


The annex has its own bathroom/wet-room and kitchen area which includes a fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave, organic & vegan meals, teas and refreshments provided,

private healing room and patio area,

laundry facilities

and Free Wifi.


By Train:

Hayle is our nearest train station just 3.6 miles (Ten minutes away)



There is a bus service from the Hayle to Gwithian


By Car:

When traveling by car most sat-nav’s will direct people off the A30 at Camborne west.


As you come off the dual carriage way you will come to a junction take a left, then right at the roundabout.


You will enter Roseworthy Hill, carry on for about 3 miles and then you will start to come into a village called Conner Downs.


Take the first turning on the right for Gwithian, come down the hill until you come to a sharp righthand bend, our house is second on the left hand.


You will see a cream coloured annex to the right of the house. Parking is available in our driveway or at the front of the house.


The location of our retreat is nestled in the heart of the pretty Hamlet of Gwithian and just a stone’s throw from one of the best surf beaches in the UK.


Best known for its five miles of golden sand and the famously written about Godrevy Lighthouse, many hours can be spent exploring this unspoilt and unforgettable Cornish coastline.


Within walking distance there is a village pub, church, cafe’s and access to a nature reserve and coastal paths.

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