The Alkemists

We are a collective of Biodynamic health and Shamanic practitioners, and Daoist wisdom keepers who navigate physical and energetic reality for the purpose of healing others.

Using the power of plants, ancient healing techniques, shamanic ceremonial rites, altered states of consciousness and the re-ordering principle of the bio-dynamic craniosacral system we are able to provide an immersive and transformational experience towards deep healing and the awakening consciousness.

The Alchemy of our practice is augmented by knowledge, heightened awareness and seership - which in turn provides a nurtured, cohesive and sacred healing experience - calling you back to the quintessential essence and wholeness of the self.


We offer healing retreats for the transformation of mind, body and spirit. Whether you wish to work on a specific condition or set of symptoms or feel drawn to augment good health with spiritual progression, our handcrafted retreats have been designed to support and nourish all aspects of health and vitality.


Caroline Coleman

"The Spiritual Midwife"

Biodynamic Touch with Toltec Energetic Wisdom

Caroline is a Modern-day medicine woman, founder of Shed Alkemic and has been practicing the Biodynamics of Craniosacral Therapy for over 25 years.


As a former nurse & Midwife she ran her own health care business concurrent with facilitating Toltec workshops, a branch of shamanism best known for ‘the mastery of dreaming’ as explored by Carlos Casteneda.

By aligning with the Bio-dynamic intelligence held within the craniosacral system Caroline is able to remote view ‘see’ her client’s health and energetic blocks - by remaining the ‘observer’ - she simultaneously stays in her dreaming and energetic body.


It is from this energetic stand point that the client consciously becomes aware of the ‘healer’s observation’ – and from there – the re-ordering of energy and transformative health takes place.


Harriet Coleman

"The Forager"

Bioodynamically blending Elixirs to Natures Rhythms

Harriet Coleman, Herbalist, Mediator of plant consciousness and Biodynamic herbal practitioner swapped her life in the city to become a Herbalist where she trained with the renowned Anne Mackentyre.


Harriet’s intimate relationship with the plant kingdom allows her to intuit which plant to work with, its archetypal wisdom and the vibrational essence for the most effective and potent healing signatures.

Harriet is one of the few who can hear "plant audio", and grasp how herbs will interact with an individual, as well as each other. This insight has deepened her initiation into the realm of the plant consciousness.


Her level of communion is not only rare but indicates Harriet’s ability to work with the biodynamic rhytms of nature and adapt its healing properties for the most effective results.


Benjamin Veal

"The Alchemist"

Ancient Knowledge catalysed though Daoist Flow

Benjamin Veal practices the classical healing traditions of the Daoist sages, through the disciplines of Acupuncture, medicinal touch and their adjunct methods, he opens an anergetic dialogue between therapist and patient.


Ben forgoes the prescriptive methods of "Traditional Chinese Medicine", but instead works in an organic and reactive way, holding true to the classics of the Sages and the wisdom of ancient Wu Yi shamans.

With a BSc. (Hons) in Acupuncture, a Diploma of Acupuncture from the Xian Tian College of Chinese medicine and nearly a decade of Nei Gong self-cultivation has given Ben a wide knowledge base, from western physiology to eastern metaphysics.

Piercing through to the heart of the underlying energetic state by the way of pulse diagnosis, Ba Zi astrological knowledge and, if needed divinatory wisdom of the Yi Jing Book of leaves. Treatments are then finely tuned during, laying the foundations for a transformational shift towards health and vitality.


Pierre Barrie

"The Seeker"

Luminous Healing through the darkest Night

Pierre Barrie, Psychologist, Quantum Hypnotherapist, Initiant of the "Hundred Days of Darkness retreat" and a keeper of the Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites.


These energy transmissions heal the luminous energy field, and have been passed down from the Inka’s, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes of Peru.

Pierre is a true seeker of human consciousness, which has led him to the Sonoran Desert where he underwent immersive dream training with a dreaming expert and shaman, Danial Stone.

He has trained in the Toltec traditions intensively with anthropologist Victor Sanchez, and  Toltec Seer Ken Eaglefeather.


He remains the UK expert in The Retreats of Darkness.           


Maria Matthews

"The Wanderer"

Holographic Bodywork and Yogic flair

Maria Mathews is a reflexologist with a unique ability to observe the bodies systems with accurate precision and intensity- tapping into each organ and the energy centers just as the wisdom keepers of this ancient practice would have done.

Maria holds a Mastership Level 5 in Reflexology, the highest currently available in the UK. A treatment with Maria leaves you feeling that the very core of your being is deeply connected and restored – allowing the body to come back into unified balance and wellness.


Momoko Hill

"The Intuitive"

Crystalline lattices and numerical rhytms

Momoko is an intuitive, coach and healer through her tools numerical and crystalline. Harnessing the power of grids and layouts to monopolise on the changing energetics, or plucking wisdom from the cyclical numerology to advise on upcoming shifts.

Momoko is ablt to blend these subtle guides together into a coherent whole, through her own intuitive skills, honed throughout her life.

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