The Catalysts

Experiences to catalyse your Healing Journey. Each offers the potential for greater healing, and potentiation of the retreats.


However they may not be for all those who walk the path, and so are offered as optional extras at a nominal fee.

If you feel called, then please read on to learn more or click the icons to visit their respective sites.

Womb Massage

Trudi Holden

Womb Massage.png

Trudi is a women’s natural health practitioner, massage therapist and Reiki Master who attunes to the energetics of the moon-tides, imbues the essence and vibrations of each turning seasons and intrinsic and extrinsic cycles.


Her philosophy is about empowering women to embrace their bodies in the natural form through well-woman, moon-time and pregnancy massage, menstrual charting and energy-healing.

Trudi created ‘Wild Samara’ to introduce, educate and inform women about self-care and to honour our inner feminine and conscious practice which we can instil into our lives everyday.

£120 - Massage, Womb Chart and Engery Healing

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